January 2017 Newsletter...

Dear Family, Friends and Partners,

The holidays were transformative in ways big and small. We now have a new kitchen, freshly painted walls of blue and new wood flooring in our entry way. But everyone who knows us knows that even in growing we remain intimate and we still like things quaint.

In understanding learning is lifelong… I learned that I often think about family caregivers during the holidays and wonder how they cope with families visiting from out of town or accommodate longer hours of care. Or whether those visits created more stress-inducing critiques from relatives and loved ones? If only they knew.

I learned that among SunTree’s foremost goals is working with case managers and reminding them about the wonders of adult day services. About the importance of socialization and connection, about how they help lift our spirits, not to mention sustain our mental health (through ¬respite for family caregivers).

I met with the departments of human services of both the City of Phoenix and Maricopa County. I learned of the three types of poverty when it comes to working with aging adults: The poverty of financial resources, the poverty of socialization/belonging and lastly, the poverty of hope.

It is my priority to work with family caregivers and reach out to case managers. ¬¬To invite volunteers to help – even if it’s for an hour. And to sign up presenters to work with our participants in our School For Seniors classes. Please be on a look out for School For Seniors (SFS) in Spanish!

My goal in 2017 also includes better serving our participants and family caregivers. I aspire, through sharing this newsletter, for SunTree to continue learning and contributing to the knowledge and growth of adult day.

With Love,
Van Nguyen
Program Director

Remember Me Honey

Jars of Honey Fun-Campaign

Seniors, family caregivers and volunteers from SunTree Adult Day Care have come together to bring you this adorable gift bag to give to your family, friends, and all the caregivers you may know. Gift bags contain honey in a jar, honey soap, and wooden honey dipper.

Jars are only $10.00 and benefits go to building awareness for aging adults with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, brain injury or chronic illnesses resulting in memory loss.

You can order today by clicking here…

Meet Karen!

Our new “School for Seniors” Coordinator!

Karen is originally from New Hampshire with over 30 years of experience working with aging adults and coordinating activities for dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Karen has a passion for creativity and knows how to bring us together, whether it be for an art project, singing or sharing our thoughts with one another.

Karen is contagious!


Volunteers Wanted!

Come make a difference

Family caregivers, case workers and managers are encouraged to come in and volunteer or do a “special topics” presentation. A commitment of one hour a month can really make a difference.

Please contact Diane at 602-799-0092 or via email at info@SunTreeCenter.com to make your volunteering arrangements.

Diane shown here working with Carol on creating her personal storybook.