Welcome To SunTree Center!

Adult Day Program - School For Seniors!

SunTree Center is a day program for older adults. We work with adults with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, brain injuries or chronic illnesses resulting in memory loss.

Our “I CARE” pledge is focused on a compassionate, multidimensional approach. Participants receive individualized care that includes social services, nursing care, art and music therapy, School for Seniors, assistance with activities of daily living, and more.

SunTree is a part of the adult day health community, helping participants to thrive in a nurturing environment while allowing their family caregivers to work or have the opportunity for respite.

"We are an Extension of Your Caregiving Family"

Connecting Aging Adults through Mind, Body & Spirit

Art, Music & Dance Therapy


Maintaining cognitive stimulation and keeping the mind 'active' can be challenging for care recipients experiencing Alzheimer’s or other forms of memory loss. We provide an environment that goes far beyond the basic nursing and dietary needs. We work with local art and music therapists on group sessions to help unlock the memory blocks caused by age and health conditions. All this through songs, instruments, dance and other forms of expressive art. Contact us to experience one of the sessions and their power to unleash fun and creativity.

Nursing Services


Nursing services are available on premise to help administer medication and provide for nursing level of care. Our LPN and RN work with families through a comprehensive assessment and Service Plan that outline the different levels of care. We also work with Hospice Patients, along with those who need assistance with feeding and toileting. Showers are encouraged here at SunTree to help participants maintain hygiene and skin integrity. Please ask about our showering facility and 'I  CARE' caregiving assistance.


School for Seniors - Social Connections


Check out our NEW School for Seniors program where we allow for new learning opportunities for our participants. Our classroom style approach challenges 'Senior Students' to revisit long-term memory and express new thoughts, emotions, intellect, attitudes and ideas. Students are encourage to contribute by sharing their knowledge, past experience and thoughts on topics during lectured and open discussions during class. All of our participants are encouraged to enroll in School For Seniors (special assistance provided). Please contact us for a calendar of topics and schedule of classes!